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Welcome to our site! You have come to the right place for all your accounting needs. With over 25 years experience in the industry, it is no wonder we are great at what we do. Our unique and modern approach to accounting and tax services makes us a leader in the industry. Our trendy, fresh ideas and multicultural team sets us apart from the others. Come in today for your free consultation.

Simeen is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 10 years experience in accounting, taxation, management, internal control consulting and financing. She holds the Chartered Professional Accountants designation in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. Her training was with both the Big Four public accounting firms and smaller firms. She has won service awards, has a proven track record, and will go that extra mile to save you money!


Simeen Bhanji is committed to providing our clients with premium customer service and quality. She will walk you through every step of your business and be there when decisions need to be made. Our young and enthusiastic team is constantly engaging training, tax seminars, and changes in Canadian Accounting principles.


Our services include; bookkeeping, payroll, GST/HST services, corporate tax completion and planning, personal tax completion and planning, consulting including internal controls/business plans/cashflows, training for Quickbooks and Simply Accounting, and estate planning.

About us

The firm provides service in accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, taxation planning, start up ventures, management and internal control and consulting. We also offer succession planning allowing business owners to enjoy their wealth while passing it on to the next generation.

Simeen Bhanji Chartered Professional Accountant runs a paperless office, meaning less time sending documents back and forth, and fewer trips to the office for you so you can focus on your business. This also allows you to get your accounting needs met even if you do not live in an area that is easily accessible to our office.

We are committed to premium quality and memorable customer service.

Come in for a free consultation and let us show you how you can save money and your valuable time!


  • Full Cycle Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Notice To Reader Engagement
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Forecasts
  • Projections
  • Budgeting
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Plans
  • Wealth Management
Business Advisory
  • Payroll and Remittance Services
  • Facilitating with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Internal Control Consulting
  • Process Consulting
  • Estate Planning
Other Services
  • Individual Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Estate Tax
  • HST/GST/PST Services
  • Foreign Tax Planning Services
Tax Planning

I had a situation where I had to decide whether to in corporate my business or not and the tax implications. Simeen gave me the best advice for my business, how to save the most on taxes, and I have never looked back.
-Vancouver, BC


I came in to the office and was amazed! I thought I was in the wrong place; the office looked like a chic, upscale boutique rather than the typical accountants office.
-Surrey, BC


I love the fact that it is a paperless, electronic preferred practice. This allows me to get my taxes done all the way from Africa!
-Angola, Africa


I have been dealing with Simeen for years. She is always to pleasant and brightens up my day. Always willing to stop and help, even if she is halfway across the world.


I have to admit that I was skeptical at first that young accountant like this would be able to handle all the questions I had. I decided to put her through a test to see if she had all the answers. Not only did she answer all my questions, but also came up with so many more factors for me to consider in making the best decision for my business. Do not let her hip young look fool you, this lady is as sharp as they come!
-New Westminster,BC


I have heard of Simeen through an article she wrote in a popular magazine and was impressed with her approach and her advice. Once I came in to see her, I was so happy I did, and now I recommend her business even more than mine.
- Toronto, ON


I got referred to SBCA through a friend of mine. They told me she was the best accountant they ever had.I had never heard someone talk about their accountant like that so I had to give her a try.I will tell you that it is one of the best decisions I make. Every time I see her now, I tell her that I am so happy to have found her and I tell everyone else I see the same thing.
- Burnaby, BC


I found SBCA online and needed some info about U.S.and Canadian tax implications on something I was working on. I expected her to know all of my Canadian tax questions, but was pleasantly surprised at how much she knew about U.S tax issues as well. When I did finally speak to the U.S. tax consultant, he pretty much just re-iterated what I already knew and Simeen was bang on! Thanks again Simeen for all your help.
-Los Angeles ,CA

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